Jane Slavin, AIA
JSA Architecture and Design Group, LLC

JSA Architecture & Design Group, LLC, is a full service design and architecture firm providing an extensive range of services in renovation and new construction.

Through years of diversified experience with retail, corporate, and residential clients, we provide an Architecture that is both innovative and exciting yet reflects the changing requirements of our clients.

Fundamental to our success is a design approach that implicitly insists on the uniqueness of each project and the importance of identifying a concept to be carried through to the smallest detail. We also have an ability to maximize all opportunities between technology and design. Our expertise in designing and managing projects from inception to completion, on time and within budget has given us a proven track record.

We are strongly committed to providing high quality design and construction services in a timely and efficient manner. With the use of the latest computer technology, we are able to provide the dedication of a small firm and the production of a large one.

JSA is located at 200 East Erie Street, Suite 1E, Blauvelt, NY 10913, contact # (845)-359-6351.